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Introduction to The Tasting Room

How you doin’ folks!

Welcome to our new digital tasting room!  Many people recognize us as a brand from the Costco days, when I used to stand in the stores and shout and shout, “Come on down, check it out!” “Best deals in the wine biz!” “$30 juice for $9!” “When it’s gone it’s gone, buy a bottle today, take it to the parking lot, you’ll be back to buy a case!”  Those days have passed, and now we have grown into a digital-only brand offering direct to consumer wines.

Cameron Hughes - Exceptional Wine. Extraordinary Value shows a black and white photo of wine being poured into a wine glassThis ‘Tasting Room’ is a whole ‘nother deal, as we’ve never really had one (in the traditional sense), and since we are now a digital-only brand, it makes the most sense to have a digital tasting room, where I’m imagining myself standing behind the bar drying glasses and allowing you all to experience the conversations that would be occurring between my staff and the other guests.

We’d like to get a sense of where you all are in your wine journey.  What do y’all know about Cameron Hughes Wine?  If you’re already a fan of what we do, fantastic! If you don’t know much about us, let me fill you in: We are a wine trading company with various partners (many of whom need to remain anonymous), sourcing wine from super, super high-quality wineries and producers.  We are constantly looking for the “needle in the haystack” wines – we buy them, then sell to you direct.  If you didn’t already know, any wine that you find on a store shelf anywhere had to pass through the “three tier system” – producer, distributor, and retailer. Since we source directly from the producers and only offer the wines at chwine.com, there are no middlemen, so we pass the savings direct to you.

My ideal tasting room is a barn – all wood, sawdust on the floor, you could just stand there and spit on the floor.  I love the smell of the outdoors; I love smelling wine outdoors (although it probably isn’t an ideal environment) as long as you don’t have too many competing smells, but I love the idea of having an open-air tasting room like a Japanese Wagyu barn. Covered, but fairly open air.  I hate these formal, stiff tasting rooms.  For me it’s all about relaxing, enjoying, and chillin’ out.  So, with all that said, that’s what we are here to do – relax, enjoy, chill out, converse about wine, food, and life.  Please feel free to leave comments on the posts and join our email list for new content, new release wines, sales, and promotions.

CH Logo with a sunburst graphicBy the way, my staff is a little crazy, so check out their tab to see what I have to put up with on a daily basis.  In a winery, everything goes into the spit bucket at the end of the day, so inherently, all the content can be found in the “Spit Bucket” section.  Can’t watch a video without a screen of some sort, so look to the “Screen” tab for visual stimulus.  Like what you see? You can make the memory last longer by taking a bottle or two home, so see the “Cashier” tab to buy some bottles on the way out.  And for inquiring minds, you can find all the FAQs in the “Excuse Me…” tab.

I hope you all enjoy, and with that, feel free to take a look around…

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