A very colorful wine-paired outdoor meal setting

Ingredients for a InstaWorthy White Rock Picnic

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Two women embrace while enjoying a wine-paired picnic outdoors near a lake

With the weather finally warming out and the flowers blooming, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors. With weather so beautiful, my friend and I decided to grab some snacks from across the street, a couple of bottles of wine and head out for a lovely picnic on the water.

Friends enjoying wine while one takes a picture of the other one holding up a glass

Two friends cheersing with white wine glasses on a picnic blanket next to a lake

Sometimes things are just absolutely picture perfect and that’s how I felt about this picnic! Picture perfect view, picture perfect food setup, and picture perfect friends! My friend and I gathered all the best ingredients for a picture perfect, and memorable, picnic!

We chose White Rock Lake so that we could have a spot right by the water! Every once in a while a boat would sail by and it was a great reminder that even though Dallas isn’t a big water city, there are certain areas you can escape to!

I have to say, the star of the show was the Cameron Hughes wine! We could not stop talking about what a good bottle of wine we had and we couldn’t believe that it was for such a great price! We had the 549 Chardonnay and it was the perfect refreshing treat for the warm day. The thing is we don’t know exactly where it came from. Cameron Hughes forgoes the fancy labels and tries the wines so that we’re only left with the best of the best (at a crazy discounted price!). Good wine is key to the perfect picnic and Cameron Hughes knocked it out of the lake!

We also paired our Chardonnay with some treats from a local bakery and some cheese and apples! It was the perfect pairing for our wine! Add some flowers and a beautiful blanket and you’re all set.

Woman taking a bite of a wine-paired morsel

When you have good friends and good wine, you’re bound for a good time!

Two female friends getting tipsy from wine during a picnic

Dance parties are definitely encouraged!

Two female friends celebrating their enjoyment of wine

I’m so excited for this summer and more picnics on the lake! You can bet I will be bringing a bottle of Cameron Hughes! I’ve already tried the Zinfandel 537 and the Chardonnay 567 and each one has blown me (and the friends I’ve shared it with) away!  I always say that I’m not a big fan of white wine, but because of Cameron Hughes I’ve learned that I’m not a fan of bad white wine! Pour me a bottle of white Cameron Hughes any day and I’ll be set!



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