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Idaho Wine

Happy Idaho Wine Month!

Yeah, you heard that right, there is wine in Idaho!

In fact, there are 52 wineries currently operating in the state and the number continues to increase.

In the ongoing search for new frontiers of winegrowing and terroir expressions, some in the Pacific Northwest have began looking to Idaho as the next budding place for new wine adventures.

The Idaho Wine Commission runs a “Come As You Are” ad campaign that has a host of inviting visuals for who, and how you, should go enjoy the wines of the state.  There is no pomp and circumstance, wear what you will, travel by any means, bring the family, have a picnic lunch, do yoga in a cellar… It is chalked full of smiles, activities and good conversations, all centered around the world of wine.

While this may be hard to believe with our connection and sourcing from Napa, we (Cameron Hughes Wine!) were turned away at a number of places because we brought our kids along for the adventure recently.  It would appear that Idaho has removed that unnecessary, honestly stupid, unwritten rule that you don’t bring kids to tasting rooms.  Mind you, anywhere other than Napa is happy to dote on your cute little kids, but Idaho is owning this, along with a number of other forward thinking ways to use their properties for social interaction.


Idaho has 3 AVAs in the state:

  1. Lewis-Clark Valley AVA in the northern area of the state
  2. Snake River Valley AVA in the southwest stretches from Oregon into Idaho
  3. Eagle Foothills AVA is the first sub-appellation of the Snake River Valley AVA

In addition to the AVAs, there is a concentration of new growths in the southwestern urban areas concentrated in Boise, Idaho and areas not so far you cannot make a day trip from the city to them as well.

Grapes you will see produced in the state of Idaho include:

The focus on vitis vinifera growths in Idaho show the migratory patterns of the California, Oregon, and Washington winegrowers and winemakers.  There isn’t much French-American hybrid work, or native grape growths to be found like the other winemaking states in the US.

If you don’t live in Washington state, or Idaho itself, it seems it is a bit tough to get ahold of Idaho wines.  Enter the internet!  You are more than able to find Idaho wineries and wines online, most of which allow direct online purchases.  So get a case, sit back, relax, and enjoy the wines that Idaho has to offer this month!



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