Thanksgiving turkey on a table with a full setting including holiday-inspired pumpkins and gourds and of course wine

Happy Thanksgiving!

But what to pair with dinner tonight?

Here is our handy guide to assist all palates and people.

Sparkling Wine:

What holiday celebration is complete without some bubbles?  Furthermore, sparkling wines and Champagnes are wonderfully food friendly wines, hence their inclusion on every wine list in every restaurant.  A great partner for your turkey, ham, fixings, and sides.

White Wines:

Gewürztraminer – a great accompaniment for turkey and gravy, cutting through both nicely, while accentuating the best of each.

Sauvignon Blanc – pairs nicely with turkey, but can slice through those rich mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes beautifully.

Viognier – a better alternative to Chardonnay at the table.  Viognier’s floral aroma and slightly viscous body are great compliments for all the herbs, butter, turkey, and gravy one can stuff in their belly.

Pinot Gris – the Pinot Noir mutation is capable of handling anything your Thanksgiving table has to throw at it.  In our humble opinion, this is a must for any holiday dinner table.


Provençal Rosé at the dinner table because, rosé, all day.

Red Wines:

Beaujolais Nouveau – the lighter, less tannic, youthful of the Beaujolais wines are perfect for your turkey day feast, never overpowering the food, just complimenting the fare.

Pinot Noir – a spicy Pinot, elegant Burgundian Pinot, some new world fruit from the Sonoma Coast, any style of Pinot from anywhere on the globe will make for amazing compliments to the Thanksgiving dinner flavor range.

Zinfandel – For fans of a bigger red, don’t go for a Cab.  Nothing would be worse than turkey (which is a bit tannic as a protein) than a big tannic cab.  Enter Zin.  The softer tannins, berry and spice flavors, and hints of pepper leave your mouth watering for more food, and more wine.

PX or Cream Sherry:

Dessert time!  Don’t do cooking or Dry Sherry, you’ll be very disappointed.  Just make sure the Sherry is as-sweet-as or more-sweet-than the desserts are for the fullest enjoyment.



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