Glass of beer with barrel, bottle and fresh hops still-life

For the Beer Lovers…

Today marks National Beer Lover’s Day.  A fitting holiday for the beer lovers out there to begin warming up for Oktoberfest, which contrary to the name, begins on the 21st of this month and concludes with German-American Day on October 6th.  So it is high time we give a nod to beer on our wine blog!

Beer is one hell of a beverage, only out drank globally by water and tea.  Historically speaking, beer was written about in the earliest known human writings including laws about it and early beer bars/pubs.  One has to wonder how long it had already been around to have such structure in place before the written word.  The answer to the modern understanding is somewhere around 13,000 years ago based on archeological evidence, but it still could have been even older than that.


Happy National Beer Lovers Day!

Now, you love it, it’s damn near genetic at this point in human history, so…go grab a cold one!

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