Three Mexican citizens seated in a room tasting wine

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

by: Maribel, staff

The boys and I decided to vacation in Mexico last summer.  We’ve done the beachy coastal resort thing many, many times.  When they suggested Mexico City, I was so excited.  As soon as I booked our flights, I started looking up restaurant reservations.  Mexico City has a world-class food scene.  A birthday during our trip allowed for the ultimate “treat yo self” moment and I made reservations at Quintonil.


A delicious dessert with a candle lit


I wanted the full experience so I went with the tasting menu and I asked for cocktail recommendations.  I could have lost myself in their glorious wine list but I was in Mexico, an opportunity for great tequila and mezcal.   Mezcal is NOT my liquor of choice but most of the house cocktails had mezcal and I didn’t dare protest.  The Aqua de Quintonil was perfect, citrusy and refreshing.

Diego enjoying dessert
Like a typical kid, Diego was most impressed by the Mexican version of a chocolate lava cake.  The entire dinner from start to finish was incredible.  Actually, every single meal we ate in Mexico City was amazing….

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