When are you getting more Moscato?

Oh, it’s live now on the site! Get it while the gettin’s good!

Do you have any Della Robbia?

No, but you’d probably enjoy the Moscato…

Can I get a discount?

You already are, all of our wines are around 1/3 the price of the original label’s asking price, order 12+ bottles and ground shipping is free…

General Inquiries

Where is your winery?

It’s in the matrix…

How many strawberries are used in your Oregon Rosé? I’m concerned because I’m allergic to strawberries

Wine is made from grapes…

Are your wines vegan? Gluten free? Organic? Artisanaly sourced? Fair trade? Eco-Friendly?

Possibly, email us for further information.

I’m on the corner of 15th and Rhode Island, where are you at? I can’t find you guys.

We are not a wine retailer or liquor store…


Is it Meritage or MERITAAAHH(J)GE?

MEHR-ih-tihj.  Rhymes with “Heritage”