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Counter Intelligence: Where to Eat in the Real Los Angeles by Jonathan Gold

Counter Intelligence by Jonathan Gold is a 2000 book that is a collection of Jonathan Gold restaurant reviews and articles.  Gold is the only food critic to ever win a Pulitzer and he is one of the greatest writers to ever walk through the hall of the LA Times.

For all our friends in SoCal, or our other friends who plan on traveling there in the somewhat near future, you will find here a comprehensive list of the restaurants listed in the book, and notes on if they are still open or not, as well as current (as of this posting) Yelp score.

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Sadly, we lost Jonathan in July of this year at 57 due to pancreatic cancer.  The reviews embodied in this work show a man who was curious in the far-reaching cultural cuisines throughout Los Angeles, and his desire for readers to understand and connect the different cuisines and cultures.  In a way, he made sense of the melting pot that is LA.  When studying a foreign language in High School, we were always taught the best way to be introduced to a new language and culture was through their music, yet Mr. Gold has an incredibly unique way of showing the gateway to cultures is actually through their cuisine.



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