Community Question: What Is Your Favorite Lot?

Some of you have been with us for a long time.  Some of you are newcomers.   We love you all the same nonetheless, so based on your journey with us, however long, what has been your absolute favorite Lot that we have released?

Andre (who has been steering the DTC ship here for quite some time) said Lot 369.

Cameron (who has clearly been here forever) says Lot 189

Tom (who has only been here for a few weeks) said Lot 518

Caroline (who we have no idea how she got here, or how to get rid of her) said Lot 1 – because without it, none of us would have jobs…

So as you can see, new to Cameron Hughes or old blood, everyone here has a favorite Lot, so what is yours?

Please use the comment section below to leave your response.

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3 Replies to “Community Question: What Is Your Favorite Lot?”

  1. Lot 253 Howell Mountain Cab. Sold out hours after it was released! Some of best juice I’ve had from CH wines.

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