Dirt Work

Earlier this year, Owen and team received a huge helping hand from some friends and a Bobcat.  It has changed their lives, check it out!

Baby Come Back…

While we all take advantage of the sunny summer in our home of CA, Owen & Co. aren’t always so lucky in AK.

Their newest family member is having a rough day…

Hot Tub Time Machine

Nothing like a nice dip in the ‘ol hot tub when the weather turns cold, right?

But how does one achieve that experience on the far edge of civilization for under $100?

Owen has an idea…

How to Make Simple Carnitas…THE OFF GRID WAY

A perfect recipe for the fall.

Owen says it best: “Making carnitas is one of my favorite things to do, but I hadn’t cooked any since going off the grid and moving to a wood-burning cook stove. It worked perfectly, and heated the house too! Or maybe that was just the tequila, not exactly sure.”

Runnin’ Reds

So while most of us wake up at a decent hour to get our early morning gym trip, neighborhood jog/run, breakfast, shower, get the kids read for school, etc., Owen gets up at 3 am, catches a boat down the Kachemak Bay to China Poot Creek to dipnet for Reds on their run, then trek back and do the aforementioned ‘get ready for the day’ stuff we all do before work.  Makes morning traffic look like a piece of cake in comparison.

More wild adventures from our Customer Service Manager in (or around) Homer, AK, the middle of nowhere.

You Think You’re Tired?

Last week we saw Owen heat his home.

Then the question was raised about how the kindling situation comes together.

Choose anything we think is tough, then reverse engineer all the fine details, imagine you need to make, do, create all aspects of that without a hardware store down the road or across town…

Old tires? Check.

Wood? Check.

Axe? Check.

Camera to document? Check.

Appropriate soundtrack? Check.