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Cameron Hughes Wine – Celebrate Life

Original post from: Ruthie Ridley

Two bottles of Cameron Hughes Wine Lot Series

Woman pouring Cameron Hughes white wine for a friend

Two friends cheersing outside with white wine

Cameron Hughes Lot 549 paired with summer fare

A woman wearing a shirt that almost matches her Cameron Hughes white wine

Woman in a beige jumpsuit ready for a great day

Two women dressed beautifully under an indoor palm tree

There is something about Summertime that gets me so excited! Some of my favorite things about this time of year are obviously, the sunshine and warmer weather, but also getting outside and doing simple things like having meals, drinks and enjoying time with friends! I am ready!

Kachet and I had so much catching up to do, like always! We never run out of things to chat about and we had a few things to celebrate!  I decided to grab my two favorite bottles of Cameron Hughes Wine and let her choose which one she wanted to have during our meal at one of my favorite Thai restaurants in town! Kachet chose the Chardonnay and it was a great choice! Kachet is getting married next year and we are celebrating every part of the wedding planning process! In addition, we have a few VERY fun travel excursions together coming up this year. It is all very, very exciting!! Can’t wait to take you all along on our adventures! You can see a few of our other adventures and fun times together here and here. So we ate, we sipped and we celebrated life and friendship! Thankful for this girl! She is pure gold!!

So you all know I love Cameron Hughes wine, right?  Ben and I had a fun outdoor picnic with a niiice red blend last fall! You can see the post here.  But WHY do I love them? For starters, Cameron samples thousands of wine samples a year.  He literally tastes the bad stuff so we don’t have to. He only selects the best wine out there for his customers to enjoy! I love that I can trust his expertise and judgement and I bank on it!  The second reason is the simplicity of this brand. Cameron Hughes Wine is all about what’s inside the bottle, no fancy label or crazy website, just high quality wine at affordable prices!! Check out all of the different wines offered by Cameron Hughes Wine here! Note: there is free shipping when you purchase 3 bottles of wine! Code is: INEEDWINE18


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