Winter vineyard in Sonoma Valley with dormant vines in a row

CA Wine Month

A bit on the state of affairs: There is a sense of unease right now during California Wine Month. The 2020 harvest is surrounded by concerns arising from statewide fires and smoke that began from a lightning storm in early August. New fires have also broken out during record high heat and unfavorable weather conditions.

This year’s upcoming “fire season” (when swift offshore winds at the end of summer historically lead to downed power lines and other electrical issues that potentially spark fires within the state) also lurks on the horizon.

Some folks have harvested early as a precaution against potential smoke damage, while large swaths of the premier growing regions continue to be on high alert. Rest assured that no matter what happens, our commitment to only sourcing wines of top quality and purity for our customers remains unchanged – this isn’t our first rodeo with times like this, after all.

Many of you have reached out via phone and email to make sure we’re all safe, and we’re more than thankful for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers that you’ve sent our way.  Thankfully, our immediate family of staff and their extended friends and family have been safe (there were a few evacuations, but so far major property damages have been avoided). The news does have a tendency to make it sound like the end of the world for California wine country, but that is certainly not the case.

We wish you all a happy California Wine Month, and ask that you support local wineries by buying direct, donate to fire relief causes in affected areas, and keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we navigate another challenging year in wine country.




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