Wine Decoded: Oak vs. Stainless Steel

If you’ve ever purchased wine in a restaurant or wine shop where a Sales Associate was in tow, I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again the mention of oak aged or stainless steel aged in regard to the wines.  American oak, French oak, Hungarian oak, stainless steel,…

It’s Oregon Wine Month!

To begin celebrating Oregon Wine Month here at Cameron Hughes Wine, we’d like to take a little time to discuss the ever-more-decorated state’s history and breakdown it’s Willamette Valley appellation. An overview: The story of Oregon Pinot and the Willamette Valley (in an organized fashion) begin with a…

Jelly Beans

Tom, our very own in-house Rick Flair WOOO!!! offers up his personal playlist of pumped-up jams that keep him going after the 3pm slump.  Follow the playlist to keep up with his wild musical tastes!  ***Updated regularly***

Ryan Eats Music

Ryan the Interwebz & Descriptacommunications Guy presents his most refined musical ear’s treats for the eclectic listener. Follow the playlist to make your brain hurt and question your reality!  ***Updated regularly***

Katie’s Current Vibes

Katie, our resident Color Enthusiast, is sharing her personal playlist for you to get lost in the sonic world she floats in and out of on a daily basis.  Follow the playlist to keep up with her fresh musical stylings!  ***Updated regularly***

Don’t Judge

Caroline, resident Brit and Crayola Specialist gifts unto us her massif playlist packed with full albums – for she is a firm believer in getting into the groove!  Follow the playlist and don’t judge!  ***Updated regularly***

Wine Decoded: Delineated

While there are many terms that your Sommelier may use that are familiar (i.e. apples, pears, lemon zest, etc.…), one that is commonly used but oft looked over by the consumer is the idea of delineated fruits or delineated characteristics in the wines. In my younger years I’d…

Introduction to The Tasting Room

How you doin’ folks! Welcome to our new digital tasting room!  Many people recognize us as a brand from the Costco days, when I used to stand in the stores and shout and shout, “Come on down, check it out!” “Best deals in the wine biz!” “$30 juice…