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An Update from the Tasting Table

Hey everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to announce a few of the amazing deals we have in the store!

We have some incredible selections for the Italophiles on our list (you all know who you are), and while we’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last few years focusing in Piemonte (Northwest Italy), we’ve got some amazing wines releasing from the south, Tuscany to be exact.

Get excited for Chianti Classico, Montepulciano, Brunello, and a few new Super Tuscan blends we were able to acquire! Explore Italian wines.

Our last Brunello release was back in 2013, so we are very excited to see the return of that region, and while Lot 717 has been nothing shy of a super hit with you all, we’ve landed 2 other very incredible Super Tuscan expressions, one more akin to a fine Bordeaux in profile, and another with a bit more depth and structure for those who enjoyed Lot 717, but wanted something a bit darker and deeper – the beauty of Super Tuscans, no two are alike.  And, after years of turning our noses up at tons of Chiantis, we’ve finally found our golden ticket; an incredible intersection of quality, food pairing abilities, and price – AT LONG LAST! As well, we also introduce our first Lot Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

The domestic side of our releases are also filled with some exciting announcements.  It’s been quite a while since our last Napa Valley White Meritage release, so we’re very excited to see the return of that blend from the AVA, and speaking of Napa, we have some exciting red releases from the region, and a few gems from Napa sub-appellations – we won’t spill the beans here, but keep a close eye on our new release emails.  Also of note, in preparation for summer, we have a few Sauvignon Blanc releases from the sub-appellations of Sonoma.

Far as we can tell, June is shaping up to be a good month already.

On the horizon, we’ve got some incredible releases from other regions of Italy; a few oddities that are pretty much once in a lifetime deals, so you’ll want to watch for those as the upcoming summer transpires, in addition to some other excellent imports from around the globe and domestic gems of all types and styles.





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