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Aaaaaaaaand, We’re Back!

Hope you all had a good holiday break!

We sure as hell did!

If you are like us, it’s 6 days into the new year, so our resolutions are out the window.  If you have more willpower than we do, then we salute you for your strength and perseverance.  Keep it up!

Things to look forward to this year:

  • More Wine: Decoded articles to help you have a better understanding and appreciation of the wines you enjoy
  • More episodes of the Wine Game Show, where Cam and guests play for customer prizes (that’s y’all!)
  • More crazy stuff from the North (Owen in AK)
  • More music playlists and album recommendations in the What We’re Listening To section (because we are always listening to something…)
  • Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle (because we love ours and our customers’ so we’ll keep on sharing)

As always, new articles will continue to go live at 8am PT – so drop on by every few days and get caught up with the conversations and recommendations/suggestions occurring in Cameron Hughes Wine’s “The Tasting Panel


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