Cameron Hughes Lot 696 and 676 wine bottles with corks, a fresh flower and various wine accessories

A Still Life by Glenn F.

Customer and defacto blog contributor Glenn F. had sent us this photo a little while back, and while we had been holding off to use it for content this fall, it just seems a waste to sit on, so we thought we’d share it here.

While many customers (to our absolute love and adoration) post bottle-in-hand or bottle-in-environment social media photos and share them with us, Glenn took it a step further and broke out the real camera and created a scene.

As you can see from the color palette, it’d seem to be a fall setup. But the wines included and the yellow flower are more reminiscent of summer wine and flowers. So any which way, we were torn and decided to share it with all of you, nothing more, nothing less. Please enjoy.

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