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3 Summer Wine Ideas

With the summer fast approaching, how will you be enjoying the weather and your wine this year?

Here are 3 great ideas for enjoying the outdoors without losing touch with your wine-loving lifestyle!

A Picnic: Choose Your Destination

A picnic under lights during daylight with friends enjoying red wine on a blanket covering the lawn

Break out the blanket or grab a table at your favorite park or outdoors area – just don’t forget the wine.  A number of wineries allow picnics on-site, just be sure to call ahead and see if they have spaces available.  Wineries are great destinations if you don’t want to travel with wine and the additionals to keep it chilled as you can buy a bottle from their tasting room that is either chilled or the perfect cellar temp.  Not to mention the fact that you can squeeze a pre-picnic tasting in and make the perfect selection for your al fresco fare.

A Barbecue with Friends or Family

Barbecue with friends on a rooftop balcony in the city overlooking treetops and everyone enjoying red wine

One of the easiest ways to get people together is the universally loved smell of the grill.  What better way to spend those long sunsets and warm summer evenings than with those closest to you over grilled meats and veggies?  Not to mention that the red wine lovers in your life need a good reason to enjoy their favorite wine, regardless of the call for Rosé and white wine durring the summer months.  Nothing sings on the palate like a grilled ribeye and a perfect Cab to match.  Throw in a late night fire pit and you’ve got yourself an incredible evening to remember.


Camping trip with woman enjoying a peaceful glass of red wine by the firepit

Don’t let the great outdoors stop you from enjoying the fruits of the Earth.  Just don’t forget the corkscrew!  While white wine and Rosé can help you beat the daytime heat, the real winner is a bottle of Moscato or that bottle of Port you have sitting around waiting for an excuse to be opened, either choice, paired with the campfire classic S’mores in the evening.  Guaranteed, the best way to end a long day outdoors.  Just be mindful of our flying friends, their attraction to fires, and love of sugars.  You don’t want a surprise in your glass, but that isn’t anything a good ‘ol hand covering the top can’t resolve.

There are so many other great ways to enjoy the summer and wine.  Feel free to share your favorite methods in the comments below!



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