Red Lambrusco wine glass viewed from above

10 Lambrusco Facts!

Happy World Lambrusco Day!  Here to celebrate, we offer our 10 favorite Lambrusco facts:

  1. Lambrusco is not only the name of the wine, but also the grape it’s made from
  2. Lambrusco has come a very long way from the ice cube-wielding industrially produced cloyingly sweet plonk of the 70s and 80s
  3. There are 60 variations of the Lambrusco grape, none of which are clones, and all are native to Emilia-Romagna, of which 5 are most used to produce this wine
  4. Regarding the item above, not all Lambruscos are alike. Some are sweet, some are dry, some more structured, others more fruited, so keep an open mind with Lambrusco; not liking one bottle doesn’t define all bottlings out there – it’s very much a chameleon of a wine in this respect
  5. Lambrusco is meant for food, it is not produced to be a drinking wine or aperitif – however we’d be lying if we said we’d never enjoyed a bottle by itself….
  6. Lambrusco is meant to be an everyday drinker, due in part to the acidity in the wine and the lower alcohol content (8-12%)
  7. Speaking of acidity, that, and the wine’s bubbles make Lambrusco a perfect pairing for any charcuterie plate – slicing through the rich fats of the meats with precision
  8. Lambrusco was written of by one of our favorite go-tos when referencing the antiquitus nature of European grape ages, Pliny the Elder
  9. Speaking to the above fact, Lambrusco has been harvested and fermented for many millennia before the first Cabernet Sauvignon was vinified
  10. While not common, Lambrusco can be found in white and Rosé stylings too

Now go grab a bottle (or two), cheers!



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